Flight Level Drones

Photo & Videography

Property Marketing

Enhance property sales potential by using amazing aerial views, photos, and videos of properties, showing off their grounds and giving a better understanding of the surrounding neighbourhood, highlighting local landmarks views and areas of natural beauty and interest.

Aerial Inspection

Use our services in a cost-effective, quick and environmentally friendly way to inspect roofs, chimneys, and structural damage to buildings, grounds, and fencing. A great alternative to using traditional methods such as scaffolding or cherry-pickers, or even a helicopter.  Many insurance companies now require photographic evidence of storm damage to buildings, rooves, structures etc and so using our aerial photos will help strengthen your claim.

Business Promotion

Filming things from a camera in the air will add new dimesnions to the way potential customers see your business.  Filming a venue, for example,  allows customers to have an understanding of the surroundings and get a better feel for what it’s actually like. Because they are new, drone videos catch the eye and always bring a wow factor to the equation.


Using stunning aerial views, photos and videos we can effectively add a new dimension to your special event. Sharing with your guests and clients a new angle that will add an extra element that traditional photography can’t, making celebrations more exciting and memorable.