Flight Level Drones

Flying Training

Fly the Latest DJI Drones

We operate the latest Mavic and Phantom series of DJI Drones, which are used on all of our training courses.  These drones provide excellent reliability, manoeuvrability and stability in a range of weather conditions so are therefore ideal aircraft to use for training.  They also feature ‘intelligent flight modes’, which when coupled with each drone’s excellent cameras for both video and still photography, means that we are able to combine flying training with some expert tips on getting the best shots!

Expert Instructors

All instructors are commercial drone pilots with many years experience of drone operations and with the appropriate permission from the CAA.

Flying Safely

We teach you the UK drone registration requirements, where you can & can't fly and our special techniques for safe flying.

Our Flying Training Options

1-Hour Lesson (£115)

Our 1-hour flying lesson will teach you the basics of flying our DJI drones.  We will teach you the fundamentals of flying controls, how to use the DJI Go4 app, the drone code and some basic flight manoeuvres. Training is on a one-to-one with our CAA approved instructor.

2-Hour Lesson (£195)

A 2-hour flying lesson will teach you everything you need to know.  We’ll show you how to control the drone, what you see on the screen while you are flying, a bit about the weather and the legislation.  Most importantly you will learn our techniques for safe flying.  Training is on a one-to-one with our CAA approved instructor. 

Half-Day Group Lesson (£380)

Our popular group lesson is for 2 to 4 people and is a fun way to learn to fly a drone in a group.  You will start the session with a safety and technical briefing  and then fly our indoor drone to learn the basics.  Then it’s outdoors to fly a drone in pairs and master the basics of still and video photography from a flying platform!

Our Flying Training Location

Flight Level Drones has exclusive access to the grounds of Chawton House near Winchester in Hampshire.  It is famous by association with Jane Austen and is located in the village of Chawton just off the A31/A32 roundabout South West of Alton.  Training sessions will be in a room in the house followed by flying in an adjacent field providing fantastic photo opportunities around this truly picturesque site.

The full address is: Chawton House, Chawton, Alton Hampshire, GU34 1SJ.